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Saola export to video - issue with 2 timelines?


I’m trying to export a Saola animation to MP4…
I have:

  • timeline1 which runs until 2m05 - then pauses and starts timeline 2.
  • timeline2 then runs for 34s then resume timeline 1 and they run in parallel.
  • timeline1 resumes and runs until it ends at 3m42.

Problems is that the exported video is only 3m42… it is missing the last 34seconds of timeline1.
I’m assuming this is due to the fact that it exports only a play time equal to the main timeline total time - hence 3m42… and the fact that I pause the timeline1 for 34s while timeline 2 is playing results in this 34s missing at the end.

Or is there something I should do differently?
Can you please look into this?

Thanks a lot,


Try making the main timeline 34 seconds longer by adding a label at that point.


Hi Michael,

The duration of the exported video is the total duration of scene transitions and main timeline duration of all scenes in a project.
So you can add a label to the main timeline to extend its duration as mackavi said.


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Thanks a bunch! Works perfectly.

Thank you Toan. As Mackavi mentioned and you confirmed the label worked perfectly.

FYI - if you are curious this is the animation

I used the webObject when exporting to HTML5 but had to use a video (from Saola) when exporting to mp4 from Active Presenter.
Let me know if I could have done differently / more efficiently.

Hi Michael,

You’re doing the right way. Video output in ActivePresenter just shows a web object as a static image so you need to use a video object.


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Thanks for the confirmation