Run project only when fully loaded

Problem: I have a fairly large project of around 0.25 GB. I use the project as a SCORM module in an LMS. The project starts fairly soon while still loading data in the background. This can lead to glitches with sound and objects showing or hiding.

Is there a way to run the project only after it is fully loaded?


ActivePresenter version: 8

OS: win10


Hi Rolf,

Unfortunately, there is no such option in the current version of ActivePresenter.
In my opinion, forcing user to wait for loading 0.25GB seems to be not good for user experience.
I think that with the normal internet connection quality, most projects should run well.
Have you updated to the latest version of ActivePresenter (8.3.2)?
Can you please let us know the browser and device that you tested your content on?


Thanks, Dao,

unfortunately, I can give you no details on browser etc. I just know that some of my students complain and I assume that is because of their bandwidth and unstable internet connections.

Best, Rolf

Is it possible to share the project so we can check? If yes, please upload it and its external data folder named in the PROJECT_FILE_files if any to a cloud storage site (like Google Drive) then email to us at