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Run a script that changes an objects state on variable change

I’m having issues with my current JavaScript (Still new to the idea of scripts with ActivePresenter.) I’m attempting to have an object change states when a button is clicked.

I’ve assigned a variable to increase by 1 every time the button is clicked, and then simultaneously run the following script:

//When button is pressed, the variable change is increased by 1
//The following variables represent the three cases
var casA = prez.variable(‘Change’) == 1;
var casB = prez.variable(‘Change’) == 2;
var casC = prez.variable(‘Change’) == 3;

//represents the object square
var square = prez.object(“Square”)

//this section is supposed to change the state of the object, but doesn’t work when running the presentation.
if (casA)



else if (casB)



else if (casC)



I’d love to hear any input, thank you

ActivePresenter version: 8

OS: Wubdiws



A state name is a literal string so that it must be single quoted (') or double quoted (").
You can use the script below to update your object state

// state names
var states = ['Normal', 'State2', 'State3', 'State4'];
// increase Change variable by 1
var change = prez.variable('Change');
prez.variable('Change', change);
// change object state
if (change >= 0 && change < states.length)


Oh I See!!

Thank you so much, this helps a lot :grin: