Rotate tool become cut tool?

Problem: Rotate tool become cut tool?
Saola Animate version: v3.0; OS: win10;
Bug report: Firstly you should open the sample project “boat-sea”.
Step1. add a built-in shape, for example, a rectangle or a circle.
Step2. choose “Rotate tool”, then drag its x-axis or y-axis or z-zxis,
then you can see the screencut below:
No matter rectangle or circle will be cut to half (visually),
but if I delete the background picture of this scene, everything seems OK.

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Hi afei,

It’s not a bug.
That part of the element is not visible because it’s behind another element (the background picture in this case).
You can use rotate view tool to view from another angle, you will see the 3D rotated element cut through the other element:


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