Right-to-Left languages (Arabic, Persian,..)

Good morning everyone!

I would like to add a feature request for support of RTL (Right-to-Left) writing systems in Active Presenter. I provide Active Presenter training to deaf teachers, who use it to create education materials for deaf children. Now there is interest in the Middle East, where teachers want to use it with Arabic and Persian.
This requires the use of RTL writing systems, which is not yet supported in AP9.
This feature would unlock a whole new world of users from Arabic countries.

Thanks for considering,

Hi @Koen,

We truly appreciate your feedback and understand the significance of this feature, especially for users in regions such as the Middle East.
We currently don’t have exact plans to support RTL writing systems in Active Presenter, but we’ll consider it further.

Thank you for sharing your feature request regarding support for RTL (Right-to-Left) writing systems in Active Presenter.


I support Koen’s request. I am working with sign language users in the Middle East and we would really like to be able to create content for them. Arabic is a world language and there are other RTL languages in the region as well. All-in-all over a billion people would benefit from this feature.

Thanks for considering

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