Returning to the same time stamp in a video

Hi friends, I am looking for a way where I can move from some specific time stamp on slide 2 (video) to go to slide 7 (text) and when I come back from slide 7 to slide 2, I want to be able to go to the same time stamp position I was on slide 2, right before moving to slide 7. Is there a way to have the position copied and then used later as a reference. If yes, please can you help me with the appropriate JS codes?
Thanks a Lot.

Hi Denilson,

Please see this sample project:
go to previous slide timestamp.approj (240 KB)

Basically, you’ll need to save the current slide index and timestamp before jumping to another slide

// save current slide index and timestamp to go back later
prez.mySlideIndex = prez.currentSlideIndex();
prez.mySlideTime = prez.slideTime();
// go to other slide (slide 2 in this sample)

And go back using saved values:

// go back to previous saved slide timestamp
if (prez.mySlideIndex) {
    prez.showSlideAt(prez.mySlideIndex, prez.mySlideTime);


Thank you guys! It worked just fine!