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Responsive Text with animation

I wonder if this is possible. In a responsive project, paragraphs in a text box with a % width will move as expected as shown in the images below.

My problem is that I’d like to show one paragraph at a time but that requires putting each paragraph into its own text box and then resizing the window causes the elements to overlay.

Is it possible to achieve this effect?

Hi mackavi,

You can use CSS to change the positioning of your paragraph elements to static to achieve this effect.

.static-position, .static-position div  {
	position: static !important;
	height: auto !important;

Sample project:
paragraphs.saolapack (3.2 KB)

But some types of animations may not work with static elements.


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Pure genius. Did exactly what I needed it to - making the text flow better on the scene.

Many thanks again for another insightful solution.