Responsive Html5 package issues

Problem: Hi friends
I take chance to trie many versions of active prenter, this is a grat software for many wonderfull futures.
when i create responsive quiz, and exporte to HTML5; it works perfectly on windows on sevral pc s
but not opening on Android devices,neither on websites!,sometimes the index html is opened with codes…

ActivePresenter Version: from 3.9.2 to 8.0.7

OS: windows 10 and windows 7

Notes: So can anybody show me how to solve the problem?

Hi Moustach,

Thanks you so much for your nice words.

Regarding to your issue, could you please share the project having the issue and its external data folder named in the PROJECT_FILE_files to so that we can check?
Besides, did you upload your quiz to an LMS (Learning Management System)?

Kind regards,

thank you good friend for your replay
No ;i dont upload to an LMS, just to few websites like my educationnal site and
known upload domaines. does not working on any smartphones too.
their sample of projects i made


Your project is a normal project, not a responsive one.
But I don’t see any issue with it when viewing on smartphones.
Please make sure that you upload it to a website that allows viewing dynamic HTML (with JavaScript and CSS) instead of downloading them.



  • I thinked that activepresenter projects are compatible on most popular websites!,or that should be.
  • How knowing if the website allows viewing dynamic HTML?
    *about responsive project
  • responsive :I just choose from list in the menu
  • responsive must works on all device
  • responsive :if the learners can make choices and decide
    So what your definition of responsive prooject?
    popular smartphone used by students are android based, and that not working ;what smartphone are you tested on?
    thank you for :sunglasses:

Hi moustach,

ActivePresenter HTML5 output uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript, so you must host it on a server that allows serving them with correct mimetypes.
IFAIK, most cloud storage services (e.g. Google Drive) and even some platforms commonly used for education (e.g. Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom) don’t allow serving dynamic HTML.
You should contact your site administrators for support in this case.
You can also share the link from which your students access your course so that we will help to check (You should send to instead of posting it publicly here)

Moreover, if you have a personal website, you can see this tutorial:
If you use an LMS (e.g. Moodle, SCORM Cloud), please see these tutorials:

Regarding a responsive project, I mean a project with different layouts for different viewport sizes. Of course, output of a normal project can work on any devices thanks to the Auto Fit feature but we don’t call it responsive in ActivePresenter. For more information about responsive projects in ActivePresenter, please see this tutorial:


Thank you very much
Right, I use this 3 platforms, no one works,
So I must find a good website,allowing dynamic,to share the projects with students.
But,what about Android devices, i transfered directly on 3 various modèles;the same result like websites.Some times the html file is opened on code. you think thoses smartphones dont allow dynamic like website?

Hi moustach,

It’ll not work if you copy your HTML5 output to an Android device and open it directly from there.
You need to serve it from an LMS or a web server, or pack it as an Android app.
Packing HTML5 output as an Android app is quite complicated so you should use an LMS or a web server.


Hi Toan
I understand now that the issue is not in my work,neither in the software,i used others than activepresenter…
Helpful your advices and links
Many thanks for all, you can close this topic if you want.but i wil have probably some orher questions :innocent:

Hi moustach,

I will not close this topic, but you should create other topics if they are not related to this one.