Responsive center group elements

Problem: I´m using a responsive Project. When I scale down grouped elements losing their position to each user.
Is it posible to make a group of elements and then center them horizontal.

ActivePresenter Version: 8.

OS: MacOs.


Hi Jonas,
It’s possible for you to horizontally center a group of objects by using Flex Box as the attached file.

Below are the steps to perform:

  • Insert a flex box > add an object.

  • In the Container Layout section of the flex box (Properties pane > Size&Properties tab), select:
    Direction: Horizontal
    Horizontal Align: Center

  • For the object, in the Flex Child section, edit its width and height, change the Grow and Shrink to None, Vertical Align: Middle.

flex.approj (484 KB)


Hi Hang,

thanks for your fast reply.
Unfortunately the example is made with version 8.10. At the moment I just have Version 8.07 and can`t not update…

I will follow your instructions and try it by myself.


Hi Jonas,
I’m sorry for my mistake project. I uploaded the project file in version 8.0.7 so now you can open it.