Resource image preview on slide

I have captured simulation of our software. I want a help from you which will contain script which can show me an image used on say slide 15 displayed on a button roll over.

Since simulation capture stored a screenshot as background on slides, name of the captured image cannot be seen unless I visit slide and try to edit background.

The catch is I have to show such previews in many places. Just like Youtube video starts to play when you roll over mouse on (esp. on laptop).

I want a solution from which will help me identify image stored as slide background to be taken from resources with the help of code and displayed at specified size on button roll over.

Next complication would be to show background image of slide 15, 16, 17 in a delay of 1-2 second.

Technically, it will give effect like slides are previewed one after other on a button roll over.


Using AP 8.2.0 on WIN10 x64.

Hi Shripad,

You can’t use script in this case, unfortunately.
Please try doing manually.