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Resource folders + list view for scenes

I recently finished a project with approximately ~300 assets and ~40 scenes. Towards the end, navigating through the many, many resources and through multiple scenes was a pain.

Grid view for scenes is nice, but having the option to make each entry on a scene list even smaller, and reduce time spent scrolling to the scene would be even nicer.

The same goes with folders - keeping track of assets used in each scene would be easier with folders, groups, whatever you want to call them.

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Thank you for your suggestions. We will improve it in future releases.


I’ll second the resources request. It can be both cumbersome to navigate with a large number of resources but also the pane has to be much wider than is really necessary to access that last dropdown menu:

An accordion menu or a vertical icon tool bar (like Microsoft’s VSC) to switch between views / filter resource types would make life easier.

Until folders arrive in SAOLA ANIMATE I have been floating my Resources and Elements windows on a 2nd monitor, it is at least easier to spread things out see more at a glance…like this:

Another feature request that would be helpful is to be able to use the arrow keys in the Elements and Resources windows?

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Hi mackavi and LOCKY,

Thank you for your suggestions. We will add those features (folder view and using arrow key) in the future releases.