Reseting the object state

Hi guys, I would like to know if that’s possible to reset the state of an object after the slide has gone forward…
Let me explain better… I have some slides with instructions, one of which will be my quiz question. I used two attempts. In the case of errors, on the first attempt, the feedback message “Incorrect/Try Again” is shown. On the second one (last one), the “Incorrect/Continue” feedback is shown. Then it follows the sequence.
My goal is to have the possibility of returning and letting the user re-learn the information. So it is returning to a previous slide and trying the quia again. But the problem is the slide quiz presents it as disabled, and the user would not have access to the quiz after re-learning the subject. It may have been missing a simple but essential step. Would you please help me to figure it out? Here is the project attached.

Returning to initial stage.approj (372 KB)

Thanks ahead!

Hi Denilson,

In this case, you need to set the Attempts for the question to Infinite.
And, add Clear User Input action to the On Load event of the question slide.

Kindly check the project I have fixed to see if it matches your needs.
Returning to initial stage.approj (372 KB)

Quynh Anh

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Thank you, it makes sense. Appreciate, Quynh Anh!

I forgot to tell you that you just need to delete the condition in the Clear User Input you added before.
Glad to know it helps.


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Yeah, that’s what I figured!!! Thanks again!