Report of hotspot game


After trying everything i found on this website about creating a report send to a specific email.

I can get the mail being send. But i dont want al the data thats been send but just 2 parameters.

A email adres thats been entered on the second slide and a value that tells if the user found the 5 differences (hotspot game) or not. En optionnaly a value with the time spent on the hotspot game. The define a winner

This has to been sent to a collect email adress and there should be a list in google sheet with on each row an emailadress and a correct or incorrect value depending on the result. And the optional time spent.

Can you please help me, i already spent way more time then i should have and could not find a solution

Thx in advance


I’ve created a sample here: The report only show the Email, Result and TimeSpent of users. Please take a look.

And the Google Sheets (including script app):



Thx for the quick response. That was exactly what i was looking for…


Is there a possibility to remove the grey box telling me the report is being generated en being send?

Yes, it is possible.

You should add the following code in Project Event to dismiss the sending message dialog.


prez.ui.showMsg = function() {};