Replacing Audio Files Quickly (Batch)

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Just a quick question as I look to save a bit of time: I have an audio file that is present on every slide of a rather long project. Whether it plays or not depends user input, but it is there on every slide. I have realized a small error in the audio, so I have made a new one. Is there a way to replace the audio on all slides without doing it manually for each one? I tried by adding a file to the resources with the same name, hoping it would signal that they’d all be replaced but it it was wishful thinking only :wink:.

I saw something similar on this post from a few years ago, and wondered if anything has changed or if there are any other options or ideas.



I’m afraid that you may have to do it manually now to achieve what you wish, dear.
But we’ll take note of your request and let our development team discuss it further.

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Hi @PhuongThuy_Le - thank you for letting me know. No worries - if I’d been more careful in the first place I wouldn’t have had to ask :wink:


In the working process, errors cannot be avoided, dear.
We are willing to respond to you, always :blush:


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I agree it would be nice if you could update an object in your resources pane and it would automatically update it wherever it is used in the project.


It really would be :smiley:

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