Replace vidéo with pauses and accelerations

I have a video on which I added pauses and accelerations but when I make changes to the video, and I replace it, all my pauses and accelerations are gone. I have to start all over again from the beginning! (the video is exactly the same length as the original)

Hi Christ,

The video editing functions apply to specific video objects on the Timeline.
So, if you selected and edited a video, then replace it with another one. The editing function won’t apply to the new one, and you have to edit it again.


Yes, that’s the problem.

Actually, users’ needs are different. And videos are different. People tend to apply different video editing tools for different videos, Christ.
So, the only solution for this case is before editing, users carefully specify the video they want to edit.


I understand perfectly. My question was, why when I replace a video with the same IDENTICAL video, it doesn’t keep the acceleration, pauses, etc…

I understand that on a different video, especially regarding its duration, this is not possible.

Currently, we do not support replacing the original video but keeping the edited video functions.

Have a nice weekend.