Renaming Objects via right click

First of all, thanks so much for the nice improvements on AP9!
I like to share another feature request:

When teaching AP9, I always tell people to give their object a name that makes sense, not just image-1.

It would be nice if we could rename an object by right clicking the object in the timeline.

Right now, I think it can only be done, by going to the interactivity tab. I would propose to move it to the general tab instead.

Thanks for considering,

Hi Koen,

Nice to see you again and thank you for your nice words.
Regarding your feature request, we’ll consider implementing it in the future.
At this time, you can also rename objects in the Selection pane of ActivePresenter (View tab > Selection pane > double-click the object name > enter a new name > OK).

Have a nice day,
Kind regards,