Remove one from max score


I have a quiz in which at one point I ask if the users wants a question using the imperial system or the metric one… then depending on his choice it moves forward 1 or 2 slides… the problem is that the question on the skipped slide still count in the total points which can be scored… and this results in a wrong percentage calculation.

For example, my last test report reads:
Taken interaction 12
Correct 6
Result% 46
this is due to the fact that it divides 6/13… which the 13th point coming from the skipped question.

Is there a way I can remove 1 from the maximum score ( i will always have 1 skipped question)?

thanks and regards,


Hi Michael,

You can add the following script to Project > Properties > Event to update the maximum score so that the total score in percentage is correct:

if (!prez.orgMaxScore ) {
    prez.orgMaxScore = prez.maxScore;
    prez.maxScore = function() {
        return this.orgMaxScore () - 1; 

We’ll try to improve it in the future so that users can define scenarios like this in the editor without custom scripting.



this worked perfectly! Thanks a lot.