Randomize quiz after reset

I build a quiz with random slides and slide pool. The quiz is passed with a score of 70%. If the quiz is failed it should be repeated.

I’ve already insert nearly all functions I need (Reset quiz answers, go to start slide of the quiz…).

I just can’t find a way to reset the slide pool. If the user failed the quiz, he must click the button “repeat the quiz” and gets back to the reseted start slide of the quiz. Then he should get different question slides of the slide pool and not the same question again.
e.g. first attempt: Slide q1, q4, q5; second attempt: Slide q2, q3, q4

Is this possible?

Thank you in advance!


Please refer to the same topic here:


Thank you very much!

Michael’s solution helped me a lot. I used his work around, because my quiz must run on a LMS.

I still have a problem with the score of the quiz, e.g. I have 8 question slides, but only 6 will be chosen (that works perfectly).
When I answer 5 questions correctly, than I get a quiz score percentage of 63% (5 of 8 questions) instead of 83% (5 of 6 questions).

I tried to change the variable apQuizScorePercentage with JavaScript:

But that didn’t work. Is it possible to change system variables?

Thank you again!


It’s not possible to change the system variable.
But you can overwrite prez.maxScore function to reduce the score of 2 unused questions and increase the percentage.
For details, please see my answer in this thread:


Thanks a lot and sorry for not finding the existing thread.