Remove cursor path from multiple slides

Problem: Do not know how to remove cursor path from multiple slides.

ActivePresenter Version: 7.5.6

OS: Windows10
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I have created an elearning package which contains a demo section and a Try It Yourself section. I have copied the demonstration series of series of slides and pasted them in for the Try It Yourself. When I copy the slides I see the cursor in all the Try It Yourself slides. Is there a way of removing the cursor from all of those slides at once (rather than one by one) so the student cant see the cursor path

In fact, is this the best way to create this type of elearning or is there a preferred method?

Thanks all


Hi Paul,

To remove objects (including Cursor Path) from multiple slides, please select Slides tab > Batch Operations > Delete Objects

ActivePresenter doesnโ€™t allow switching playing mode at runtime, so you must create two sections for this type of elearning now: Demo section contains cursor paths and other annotations, Practice/Test section contains interactions and feedbacks. The entire lesson will be run in Practice, Test or Tutorial mode.


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Hi Toanis

Brilliant and thank you again :slight_smile: Is there a way to change the cursor displayed on multiple slides for the โ€˜Show Inโ€™ mode. I need to change a lot of slides so they show in Practice and not in demo and I dont want to do them one by one - cheers


Unfortunately, itโ€™s not possible to change object โ€œShow in Modeโ€ property on multiple slides at once.
Weโ€™ll try to improve it in future releases.


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