Remove 1" fixed pdf export margins both sides

Problem: When exporting a project to PDF, in the Layout options we have the page orientation (portrait or landscape) but always with fixed margins of 1" on each side.

I would like to know if its possible to remove this fixed margins and “print” only the slide´s contents.

What I´m doing now is to export to .pptx, and once in .pptx, adjust the changes in text format that conversion generates (small ones, but ones) and save the .pptx as pdf. Removing the fixed margins in pdf exportation, it´s not necesary the .pptx export and format adjustments that requieres extra time.

Thanks in advance for your answer and attention

ActivePresenter version: 8.3.0

OS: Windows 10


Hi Jose,

Unfortunately, Export to PDF doesn’t support this feature.
Could you try exporting to word, then save it as PDF to see if it’s better.

Best regards,