Release memory when not used


I’m using Turbo to give my website a SPA feel. Whenever a link is clicked, it loads the <body> of the destination using XHR and replaces the current page’s <body> with the newly fetched one. Because of this, there’s never a full page reload and event listeners, etc. persist across pages, unless removed by JS.

So, I was optimising my JS to release memory that’s no longer needed, like removing scroll and resize event listeners when the target elements no longer exist. However, the slplayer.js seems to add a resize event listener to the window. It would be nice if that listener is added if any animation exists on page or if there’s a way to remove it when no longer needed.

It’s not a big deal as it’s just one event listener, but I’m just trying to get the memory footprint as low as possible.

I know, I can just refrain from adding the slplayer.js file to my document, but since there’s never a page load, I need to keep the script in all pages.

I don’t really think there’s currently any way to do this, but just wanted to confirm. If there really is not any way, maybe one gets added in future.


Saola Animate add a resize event listener to the window to update layout of all Saola Animate documents embedded in the page.
There’s no way to remove this listener, unfortunately. However, it’s lightweight and it don’t do anything if the page doesn’t contain any Saola Animate document.


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