Regular Expression as Correct Value in Text field

Problem: I am developing a software simulator that requires the student to enter values in 5 different text fields on a single screen/slide. In two of these fields, it’s not important what they enter, but it’s mandatory they enter something. Is there a way to allow either regular expressions or wildcards for the correct values? If they enter anything in the field, it’s graded as correct and they get the allocated points.

ActivePresenter version: 8.4.0

OS: Win10


Hi Jay,

Thanks for the clear information that you provided.
At this time, ActivePresenter hasn’t supported this case yet.

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If there isn’t a way to do this in the GUI, is there a way to do this via javascript? I already have a script that can check the field for any text and can add points to my custom variable. Is there a way for me to mark the entry as correct? I don’t know what those internal variables are called, or if they are read only?