Reduce the weight of the work file


I have been working on a project for 2 years now. In the meantime, I upgraded to version 8 of ActivePresenter 2-3 weeks ago. My working file, with all the video resources, is around 10 GB. The working file alone is 1.94 GB and shows serious signs of instability. Export in HTML5 systematically crashes.

So I divided the project into 7 files (one for each of the 7 chapters). Once this subdivision made, I then, for each of them, deleted the unused resources in order to lighten the final weight. However, when I then look at the weight of these 7 files, they are all 1.93 GB !!! While the epilogue, for example, only includes 2 videos of less than 50 MB !!!

My question: how to REALLY lighten each of these 7 files?

ActivePresenter Version: 8.0.1

OS: OSX 10.13.6


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Hi Gilles,

Only deleting unused resources will not reduce the project file size, you must shrink your project after that.
To shrink a project, select ActivePresenter > Project > Shrink.
Please be noted that audio/video editing functions (such as split, delete ranges…) will keep the original audio/video and create logical ones that refer to the original. So your project file size will not reduce in these cases.