Recover overwritten video recording

Problem: I recorded a video and exported it, then before closing the recorder I cutted a few seconds of the same video and exported it overwritting the previous exportation. When the second exportation started a few seconds after I cancelled the process and I saw that there wasn’t any of the two files in the folder, so I lost the recording.
Is there a way to recover the recording?

ActivePresenter Version: Free Edition. Version 8.0.5 (Released: 2020.04.10)

OS: Windows 10 Home 64 bits. Version 1909

Notes: I remember the name and estimated size of the original file to recover, the localization and loss date, so maybe it can be easier to find it.

Best regards.


The output video is overwritten, so I’m afraid that there’s no way to recover it.
However, you can find your original recorded video of your project in Resources pane. You just need to delete the cut video in the slide, drag the original video in Resources to the slide, and export again.