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Recording wrong Screen

Problem: Hi, I’m attempting to do a screen capture with audio, have done it successfully before, but this time when I hit record, the recording toolbar pops up but my active presenter screen & slide disappears. i’m wanting to narrate my slides (like I did before). It’s recording, but is recording my desktop image, not what I’m after… please advise a fix? Many thanks

ActivePresenter Version: 7

OS: Windows 10



It seems that you want to record ActivePresenter itself. If so, this is not supported unless you running ActivePresenter in a virtual machine and use ActivePresenter on physical machine to record it. If you just want to add your voice to existing slides, please take a look at following tutorials:


Hi, thanks for that. I did try the narration but the timing & quality was not good… I’m not sure what you mean by virtual machine or physical machine. I’m running ActivePresenter on my PC. Perhaps it’s easier to export my slides to power point & use active presenter to screen capture there?

I am having the same issue. The response that Dao sent makes no sense. This is not what the girl in the tutorial did to make her screen work. What is going on here? Is this product fake or real? Why can’t I record onto the screen I set up. This is ridiculous. What the heck is Dao talking about?

In short, AP can’t record itself :roll_eyes:.

Well, what is the solution? Because your tutorial video mentions NOTHING of this. The girl just goes on to record with no problems.

Not sure what tutorial video you’re mentioning about. If you want to record AP itself, you’ll need ti use another screen recorder. That’s it.
P/s: I am only a user of AP.

Hi Katie_Lannie,

ActivePresenter can’t record it selft. However, you can use ActivePresenter 6 to record ActivePresenter 7 as a workaround. You can download the version 6 from


Are you kidding? I have to install two versions to get one version to work as advertised? You must be kidding. No thanks.

Where the heck you saw a tutorial showing that ActivePresenter can record itself? Show it Katie!!!

It’s on the Atomi site. For someone who doesn’t work for this company, you sure are very invested. I am turning off notifications for this, since I have to find a screen recording program that does what it says it will do.

This is the community for users, Katie. You can simply post the link of the tutorial so that everyone can watch it. It’s quick and easy! I have been using this software for 3 years now. And never heard about this feature. Cheer for the Skip!

Hi Katie,

I guess you and the people here were talking about different things.
What you said in the first place made everyone think that you were trying to record ActivePresenter ITSELF.
ActivePresenter was designed to record your desktop and it will hide itself when recording. That’s why you cannot record ActivePresenter using itself.

That said, I still think you were trying to ask for something else.

Anyway, you’re welcome with your choice.

Best Regards,

Hi Jacky!

I was wondering if I download AP 8 and install it in another folder. Can I use the AP to record itself by using a different version of 8?

The reason I ask is that I wanted to do an AP presentation for a company I work with. I’d like them a start using AP. Please let me know your thoughts. I noticed you make tutorials of AP, what do you use to record the screen?

Thank you!

Hi Davo,

This is not officially supported but you can install version 7, copy it to another folder then install version 8. There is a template loading message at the start but you can ignore it. Then, you can use version 7 to record version 8 and edit the recorded projects with version 8.