Record Narration on slides with video cuts off seconds of what is recorded


On a slide with a couple of videos. I click to record a narration, It takes maybe two seconds for the preview to start moving, I speak after the preview starts moving and click stop when I’m done.

The audio that is recorded is the length of when the animation started moving, but it starts from as as soon as you press the button, so it cuts off the last few seconds of audio.

To try make that more clear.

I press the record Narration button at time X
The preview starts playing at X + 2
I press the stop button at time Y

The audio that is recorded is between X and Y-2

ActivePresenter Version: 7.3.3

OS: Windows 10


This was not an issue in earlier version of Active Presenter, or at least definitely not as bad as this. I narrate my youtube videos using Active presenter and this bug makes it unusable for me.

The issue is not there in blank slides, but I’m hitting the issue in a slide that has two video clips, but the total slide length is only 35 seconds.

Hi Brian,

Thanks for reporting the issue. We will try to fix it in the next update.