Reading subtitles with EvelenLabs

Reading subtitles with EvelenLabs

Has anyone tried reading subtitles in your own voice using EvelenLabs?
I don’t mean insert the generated audio, that’s not a problem, but generate it directly along with the subtitles in Active Presenter, according to the timeline.
EvelenLabs allows access via API, but I haven’t gotten to that yet.

Thank you


Hi Jirka,

ActivePresenter hasn’t supported using custom Cloud Text-to-Speed except for the three available voice parties: Amazon Polly, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.
The only solution for you is export the closed caption to a file > convert text to speech from that file > import the speech file into ActivePresenter > sync speech with the closed caption manually.
The file follows the subtitle format so you will probably need to edit it to remove the timestamps.