Random question with Wheel spin?

I wonder how can I make a spinning wheel, everytime its arrow points to a number it will select a random question of that pool.
Like it point to number 2 at the spinning wheel, it will select a question in slide pool 2. Point to number 5 it will select a question in slide pool 5.
Do you know how to do that?

I have waited 3 days and no one reply me. At least anyone tell me I can do it with ActivePresenter or not?

Hi Khôi,

Sorry for the delayed response!

You can do it by using Random Slides and Variables. The idea is when users select a number from spin, we will bring users to a random slide which linked to a pool. Because each slide pool can only take one slide from a pool when the presentation started, so you have to create a set of random slides for each pool.

For example:

  • The first slide contains the spin and contains a Go to Slide action.
  • Next 10 slides are random slides and linked to Pool 1.
  • Next 10 slides are random slides and linked to Pool 2.

The number of random slides depends on the number of your pools and the times users player spin.

In the Go to Slide action in the first slide, you should use condition to check which slide is not visited, and select it to show. For example, with each pool, you can use a variable to store the last selected slide index of that pool. Then uses that variable for checking.


Thx for answer. I don’t know how to use “Variables”, is there any guide for that? Especially for what I am doing? Thx again


I attached an example here. I simulate the spin by two button Pool1 and Pool2. You should look in the event actions of these two buttons and variables list of the project. I also use some JavaScript code.

RandomSlideSpin.approj (240 KB)

Here are some tutorials you should look:

Hope this helps.


Oh yes, thx a lot. Have an excellent day :+1: