Quiz question for clicking on image

I want to create a quiz question where the user clicks on a button or icon on an image to answer a question. I could not find this in the tutorial examples other than clicking a radio button on an image. Is there a way to do this by using a shape around the button or icon on the image?

Windows 7
7.0.1 Active Presenter Version

Hi LindaB,

You should put each image under each question answer then make the answers (radio button, checkbox button…) transparent. Please follow below steps to do that:

  1. Select your question then in Properties pane, select Group Layout Mode -> None. This option will help you layout your question in freestyle.
  2. Select your question answer and go to Format tab in the ribbon. Select No Color for Radio Fill, Radio Border, Radio Mark.
  3. Resize the question answer to match the image size or remove text in question answer if needed.

Here is the similar sample: https://atomisystems.com/project/millionaire-quiz/. (You can open this project from Samples tab in Start Page)


Thanks for your all help, but still having a problem. I am trying to remove the text in the question answer, but it’s not allowing me to. I am going into Edit Text, but it does not let me remove the text.

Any suggestions?


You just need to type a character then remove it. The question answer will be an empty string.


Perfect. Thank you! This worked great>