Questions about Upgrade to 7


I’m a registered ActivePresenter 6 user, got my license 3 years ago.
I’ve read your instructions and it says that If I install version 7, my version 6 will be deleted.
Is this a free upgrade? if not, does that mean that if I want to test the program my version 6 will be gone?
If this is not a free upgrade, how much is the upgrade? because your upgrade page doesn’t say!


Upgrading to ActivePresenter 7 is not free, upgrade cost will be 50% of new purchase.

When you install AP7, it will uninstall AP6 and ask if you want to deactivate your license as well if it is being activated. Whether you choose to deactivate the license or not, your license will stay intact and you can always go back to AP6 any time later. If you chose to deactivate the license when installing AP7 then you will need to re-activate later if you decide to go back to AP6 (using your same product key).

We still provide download links for AP6 from our download page.

So it is safe to install AP7 for trying and go back later if needed.


Thanks Dangle.

As a suggestion, I think there should be a way to be able to install the trial version of Active presenter7 whilst version 6 is still on my computer. It takes a while to trial the software, all of my projects are saved in version 6 and having to install and uninstall v7 and then reinstall v6 seems a little over the top…

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We would like to make it as simply as that too. Unfortunately, having both AP 6 and 7 installed will cause other problems because they are both registered to handle the same project file extension (.approj).
When AP7 is installed, it will overwrite AP6 and take over the project file type. And then when it is uninstalled, it will removed that file type.

So the safest way is to uninstall AP6 before installing AP7, your project files still stay intact. You can then try AP7 for as long as you need. You can open your projects with AP7, but please don’t save them with AP7 if you plan to return to AP6 later because AP7 can open AP6 projects but AP6 cannot open projects saved with AP7.