Pulse in Javascript

Hi, I want to make an object pulse in Javascript.
I manage to make the object pulse once in the speed I want it to pulse but I cannot make it pulse several times. I thought I made add this as part of the options parameter. But it doesn’T seem to be that way.

prez.object(HelpEmoji).animate(AP.EffectType.PULSE, 500, ???);

Where and how can I add the number of PULSES?

Thanks, Rolf

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Hi Rolf,

There’s no option for repeating the effect.
You can use “callback” option, or JS functions such as setTimeout, setInterval to do that.
Below is an example using “callback” option:

var pulseTimes = 3;   // pulse 3 times

var currentPulseTimes = 0;
function pulseCallback() {
  if (currentPulseTimes < pulseTimes) // do next pulse
    this.animate(AP.EffectType.PULSE, 500, {callback: pulseCallback});
// first pulse
prez.object('HelpEmoji').animate(AP.EffectType.PULSE, 500, {callback: pulseCallback});


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