Publish only a part of a project

Hello! Is it possible to publish just a part of a project? Or all publishing necessarily includes all slides?

I wish to keep a single project for all lessons, but to publish the lessons is separate parts (video, in this case). The only way I can currently do it is to split in different projects. But this leads to a lot of rework, for some slides are shared.

Thank you!

UPDATE: I tried to create a Variable “ExportedChapter” and to create a ON LOAD action on every slide, that would compare to this variable and immediately jump to the next slide if the current slide wasn’t part of the “Exported Chapter”. But it doesn’t work on exporting VIDEOS. I believe this evaluation only occurs in run time, when exported in HTML. The encoded video includes every slide.


You are right that Variable only takes effect in run time. Exporting a part of project is not supported in the current version of ActivePresenter. We will consider adding it in the future.