Project to run on IOS app development

Hi friends, I’m bringing this question in behalf of a friend. I was telling him how amazing the active presenter app is… So he asked me if it is possible to export a project we develop here using AP so he can use it on his IOS/ Android app development. If so how the AP project should be exported? In case yes, is there any tutorial you would recommend?

Hi Denilson_Reis,

It is possible to package ActivePresenter HTML5 output as an iOS/Android app, but you will need to setup the development environment and have some programming skills. To build an iOS app, you will also need a MAC computer.

There are some simpler online solutions available, but I have never tried them yet. Hope someone can share their experience with them.


Hi Phuongdv,

Thank you for re-plying. Yes, I use both systems Mac and Windows. Would you mind to tell me where I can find these simple solutions? I can at least try it. Thank you so much!

Hi can you please give me continuity on this tread? It is really important for me to get this answer from you or your team. This is the “chery on top of the cake” for my project. I’ve been developing for a while and I am looking for a way to incorporate the interactions developed in Active Presenter to an iOS app soon. What would be the best path to take? You guys don’t need to develop a routine for me. I just want to know the points to connect from AP to iOS.

Do I need to use a special container (or iframe) in Html 5?
Or what should be the output from AP?
Any special information on how should it be exported from Active Presenter?

Any help here is welcome!

You can take a look at the following:


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Thank you! I’ll check on it!