Professional Development Conference

Has the team at ATOMI ever hosted or considered hosting a professional development conference for ActivePresenter/Saola Animate/eLearning/Instructional Design?

A couple days of sessions focused on using the product and other eLearning related topics, motivational speakers, guest lecturers, etc.

It could be a good way to foster growth among current users and increase visibility for those who may not know about ActivePresenter or Saola Animate.


Hi Greg,

Thank you for your suggestion.

Actually, we are doing research on hosting online webinars/ workshops about how to design eLearning course using ActivePresenter/ Saola Animate.
We hope to put them into practice soon.
Therefore, please feel free to inbox me if you have any cool suggestions about topics, hosting platforms, users’ POV, or if you want to share your experience as a guest speaker in eLearning conferences.
We would really appreciate and welcome any of your thoughts/ sharing as I believe they can help us complete what we are planning.

About a professional development conference as you suggest, it can be out of our reach at the moment as we haven’t had experience about it yet.
But surely, our team has taken note of this suggestion, and we will look into it soon.

Looking forward to discussing further with you.

Quynh Anh