Problems with Powerpoint import

There are many problems with pptx imports : first, the look of the slides is not retained, and I have been obliged to make an export as pictures to get the right aspect of the slides and reimport it in a new presentation, it is necessary to make vba macros to keep the narrations (it is now impossible in the new version of AP to import the slides as background), and second concerning the narrations, it is necessary for each slide to tick “autoplay” otherwise there is no sound in the HTML5 export (on most slides for some reason it is not ticked, even if in the pptx the sound is planned to begin automatically). In summary it is a lot of work and time to get a good import of a pptx presentation for HTML5 export. And lastly sometimes when I try to add pdf resources in the HTML5 player the software freezes. I did not find any help for all these problems in the user manual.

Hi Serge,

Could you please email us the PowerPoint file and a description of the problems you encounter while importing it into ActivePresenter so we can have a look?
You can send to: