Problem with video speed

Problem: Hi, I recorded myself and when I watch the videos I realized that they are not in a normal speed. My movements are a little bit slow, for example when I`m explaining something. The movement of opening and closing my mouth is not in a normal speed.
How can I increase the speed of the video?

And what do these extensions mean? And what are they for?
approj- journal

ActivePresenter Version: 7.3.3 (free)

OS: Windows 7



Please take a look at Please note that this operation will make audio has a higher tone comparing to the original audio. If you need to keep the tone of audio, you can use a professional audio editor like Audacity at to edit audio and import it back to ActivePresenter.

These extensions are temporary files created by ActivePresenter. They should be cleared when the program exits normally. You can delete them without any issue after exiting program.


Thank you, Dao Viet.
I`ll try it.