Problem with audio in Time line

I can’t put the audio in the “Time line”.
I created an animation, but when I drag the audio, it ends up in the “Main Time line”
In some slides it works well, in others there is no way to do it!
Is there a way other than dragging the audio file into the workspace?
I don’t want to recall the audio with the actions because it doesn’t sync to the animation when the Time line is played.
I attach screenshots
Thank you!

ActivePresenter version: 8.2.0

OS: MacOs 10.13.6


Hi Betty,

I am not sure that I understand the problem exactly.
I seen that you are selecting an Interactive Timeline (Timeline 2), so there is no animation of the audio added to this Timeline yet.
To add animations for audio (or make it show/hide) on this Timeline, please select the Animation tab and choose the desired animation.


Ciao Phuong,
I just wanted to add audio to an animation … but it won’t let me …

Hi Betty,

Please take a look at this video for detail:



thank you so much! I’ll try again!