Problem recording voice and simulation at the same time - voice is cut off when mouse is used

we are creating a presentation with software simulation and when I record the simulation, I also record the narration to explain what I am doing.
When I play back the presentation, my voice has been cut off each time I clicked a button or menu in the software or scrolled a screen during the recording.
Even if I edit the slides to remove the sounds of the mouse clicks, the voice is still cut off.
I have set not to record system audio and I’m using a headset with mic

ActivePresenter Version: 7.5.2

OS: Windows 10

Notes: Dell Latitude 7480 laptop



Record Software Simulation is used for creating a slide-based project, so the audio will split into smaller parts each time you interact by mouse or keyboard.

You should finish narrating before each time clicking mouse or use Record Video instead.


Hi Nam,
that’s an issue for the user as you want to be able to narrate at the same time as you demonstrate a software. Recording the voice over after means it will take double the time and it’s fiddly to adjust to the multiple slides. And we don’t have time to spare.
I ended up buying Camtasia as the user can do the voice over without any issues whilst recording the software demonstration.
Thanks for your reply anyway


It seems that you are not using the correct function. For software demonstration, you should use the Record Video feature.

ActivePresenter can record screen (or webcam) and voice simultaneously without any issues.