prez.slideTime stoped working

Problem: prez.slideTime(time) function stops going to the correct time when called again after calling prez.showSlideAt(index, time) and prez.slideTime(time) functions when slide is paused waiting for user input (e.g. a text box)

ActivePresenter Version: 7.5.6

OS: win 10


Hi Scott,

I’ve tested but could not reproduce this issue.
Please post entire your script so that I can check.


Hi Toan

in trying to recreate the fault I’ve discovered it was only occuring on presentations I’d originally created in ActivePresenter 6, when a text box from activepresenter 7 is used the problem no longer occurs.

Many Thanks for your help

Hi Scott,

It works fine in my test though the text box is created in version 6.
Maybe it’s specific to your project.
If you still need help in this issue, please send your project to our support at


In that case I’m not sure what was causing it but it is working as it should now.