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Preview should support timeline triggers

I’ve read Saola API (Chapter 18) carefully and found that
all “timeline trigger” can be interpreted and control by Saola.
So It is nonsense about “current scene preview doesn’t support timeline triggers”.
As a very simple example,
assume that a user put a “Pause timeline” trigger on time 00:00:05
then this user press Spacebar, and expect the playhead will pause on 00:00:05,
but no “Pause” happens on 00:00:05, don’t you feel strange?
“Don’t support timeline triggers on current scene preview”
makes a very strange UI experience.
It just like someone has hands but cannot move it, who is disabled.
I hope Saola is not disabled.
please consider to let “current scene preview” support timeline triggers.
Best regards,

Hi Afei,

Many types of actions are not suiable or can’t be run in the editor so timeline preview doesn’t support triggers.
Users should preview the current scene in the browser (Ctrl+F5) so that everything (animations, event-actions, triggers) will work.


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Yes, many types of actions cannot be run on timeline, this is reasonable,
such as JavaScript commands and HTML.

But timeline is fully controlled by Saola,
hope this is a early versions limitation.