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Prevent interactions below Lightbox from being active

In this discussion topic, a very nice lightbox was created: Create a Lightbox - #4 by namnt. I used this sample and added a button on the main page to test if it is active when the lightbox is showing… it is not.

However, in my sample, anything below the light box is still active and available for interactions - I do not want this.

How do I turn off the interactivity below a light box when the light box is showing?


ActivePresenter version: 8

OS: Windows



Please use Feedback Layer instead:
LightBox_ToggleShowHide.approj (752 KB)

You can see how to use Feedback Layer in ActivePresenter here: Use Feedback Layers in ActivePresenter 8 - Atomi Systems, Inc.


Oh that’s a great idea! Thank you - I’ll try that.

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