Presentation starts from where we left off

Problem: This one presentation is driving me mad. Normally when I reload a page it asks me to restart or continue. Not with this presentation. It just continues on. I even close out of the browser and all the information is still there and it starts from the last slide I was on. I can’t restart. Help me, is there a setting for this that I missed?

ActivePresenter version: 9

OS: Windows 11


I also had this problem with the new version of the Software, then searching the forum I found this topic.
I think it may be useful to you too

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Thank you so much, I’d just tried this solution here: and it is working now. But it used to ask if I want to restart or continue, i think they removed that feature?

do you solved? i have one solution.

Hi all,

Let me clarify for you some information:

When opening an ActivePresenter 9 project’s output, a Resume Feedback will appear to ask if you want to resume the presentation from the last slide viewed. This is the default events-actions settings of the project (ActivePresenter button > Project > Properties pane > Interactivity tab > Events - Actions).

  • If you want the presentation to resume without showing the feedback layer, just delete the Show Feedback Layer: Resume Feedback action.
  • If you want the presentation to start without showing the feedback layer, you can replace the default action with the Restart Presentation action with the same condition.

When opening an ActivePresenter 8 project’s output, the presentation will automatically resume since the project doesn’t include any actions in the project’s event, by default.
So, to achieve your wish, you can add the corresponding action to the Events - Actions section of the project.

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Thanks for the detailed explanation!