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Position & Size - Transform: copy/paste button

It would save a lot of time if you could just copy ALL parameters with a single click. Thanks !


You can select multiple objects to set their size and transform in the Properties pane.
Besides, Alignment Tools allow you to align elements:


Thanks for your kind reply. But I was thinking more about the position of an element in two different scenes. Maybe there is a quick way to do this that I am not aware of, If there is, please advise. Thanks a lot

Hi Carlos,

I’m not sure what you meant about “the position of an element in two different scenes” was.
If you want to copy & paste element(s) from one scene to another, you can copy the element(s), then use one of three options of paste (Paste/Paste Here/Paste with Animation) to paste.
If you want to show an element over multiple scenes, right-click the element and select Show Across Scene.
Please take a look at the Manual for more details.


It seems that I have not explained myself well. Imagine that you have 5 scenes and in each one a circle with a different number (all the circles with their different numbers are in the same position in each scene). If for whatever reason, I want to change the position of the circles afterwards, I want them all to be in the same position, a copy / paste button of the position would be very useful. Swish Max I had it indeed. In any case it is only a suggestion to see if you consider it. Thanks for your attentionSwish-example

Thank you for your information.

In this case, you have to do it manually.
We will take this into consideration if there are more requests from users.