Plotting Points: A Practice Module

In this project, you are asked to practice plotting points on a graph.

Project Features

  1. 90 Second Timer
  2. Two Difficulty Levels (One Quadrant vs Four Quadrants)
  3. Rotation knobs for setting the X and Y coordinate.
  4. Plotted point moves as you turn the dials.
  5. Score is tracked for each round of play.
  6. Points are randomized for endless practice.

Plotting Practice

Enjoy practicing and hopefully this inspires you to create some great projects for your learners.


Another creative project, Greg!

I myself really enjoy this game after having tried some rounds in Level 1.
Your game ideas are so limitless and Iā€™m glad that you have spent time, grey matter, and effort creating and sharing the games with the community. Even much happier because you have made great use of ActivePresenter to create them. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Truly looking forward to your future projects. I will play the rest of this game when I have some free time :muscle:

Have a nice and effective day ahead!