Playing HTML5 from Google Classroom

Hi I have exported a HTML5 interactive presentations and want y students to access it from their google classroom. When i provide a link it open up the HTML% code and not the actual presentation. I have spent so long making the thing and now can’t distribute it to my learners.


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Hi Stuart
It seems that Google Classroom hasn’t supported embedding HTML5 yet. In ActivePresenter, you can directly publish your project to LMS;

or choose to export your project to SCORM or xAPI package and then upload this package to any LMS that supports those standards.

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El mismo problema tengo, que pena, realmente.

Hi Marcelina,

Google Classroom doesn’t support serving HTML content so you must host it on a web server or LMS and share the link to your students.


You can use site. You save the HTML to your drive in a public folder. Then go to drive to web and navigate to the index HTML and link it. It is easy from there. Can also use GITHUB

Let me know if you need more help