Player Settings Save warning

In my Active Presenter trainings, I often find that participants are confused about how to save their new Player Settings.
The screen only has an OK and Cancel button at the button, and it’s not very clear that you have to click OK to save your new player settings.

  • Could you rename the OK button to Save Settings

I would also be great if you could add a pop-up screen with:
“Would you like to save your new player settings” Yes, No
when you close the player settings by just closing the screen.

Thank you very much for considering!

Good morning, Koen

Thank you for sharing your insights on the ActivePresenter trainings, and we appreciate your suggestion to improve the user experience.

We understand the confusion participants may face regarding saving Player Settings. Your feedback is valuable, and we’ll take it into account.

If you have any more suggestions or feedback, please feel free to share them.

Best regards,