Play MP4 Video backwards

Hello everyone,

I have a MP4 video with 50 images (2 sec long) and a text.
When clicking on the text, I want the video to play backwards from frame 50.

I’ve tried a zillion different ways, I just can’t get this simple action to work.
The most logical thing for me would be to use a Mouse Click (Continue Timeline from - Time: 00:00:02.000, Direction: Backward, Speed: 100%) use,
but unfortunately nothing happens at all

I would be grateful for a small tip.

Bye Arnie

WIN 10
Saola Animate 1.1.0 (I know, really very old)

Hi Arnie,

Browsers don’t support playing video backward neither does Saola Animate.
However, you can use a video reversing tool to reverse your video before importing it to Saola Animate as a workaround.
Additionally, if you find the app useful, you could think about updating to the most recent version as version 1 is, as you are well aware, pretty outdated.


Hi Hang,

thank you very much for your answer.

Well, I was afraid that the reverse playback would not work.
Of course, I have already reversed the video with ffmpeg.
But it’s not about this one test video, it’s about several much longer videos, and of course that is at the expense of the loading time of the website.
Let’s see how I do it now.

Thanks again for your help