Play audio object instead of audio file

Is there a way to have an action that plays an audio OBJECT not an audio file. Background: I work with TTS on slides and have a lot of identical slides with different audios that are played by the click on a image. On a new slide, I always have to reassign the newly created TTS audio file to the action which is extremly time consuming.

Any idea or other apporach is much appreciated.



You can set Autoplay for the TTS audio,

and use the Show Object action instead.

Please note that each time you wish to add a new TTS audio file, you will still need to reassign actions (replace the audio resource).

If you want to reduce similar steps/actions on identical slides, consider using the Slide Master and Advanced Action features. As shown in the sample project below, I added an advanced action to the image’s placeholder in the Blank layout of the Slide Master.
advanced action TTS.approj (756 KB)

If the information above not be exactly what you’re looking for, feel free to clarify your question (e.g. images or a sample project) for a more accurate response.


Thank you very much. I think I’ll got with the in-between, advanced action on slide (as I’m dealing with drag and drops)


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