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Pickr color and slider

Good afternoon.

I have used Saola Animate for many years but I like it a lot with Tumult hype because it is designed more carefully for use in journals without errors.

Now I suggest you to change some features that use a lot.
The input to change the number I would like to change to a slider for people using graphics tablets that don’t use a mouse or keyboard. I think you should solve this problem. Because graphics tablet is great for animation.

I also want to change color pick to reduce processing (open and search the color palettes, accept and close) I prefer that you can make a color pickr change the color directly as Affinity Designer has.

I hope it helps you a lot to fix and think for the people who use graphics tablets.

My tablet: Huion Kamvas 20.

Thank you.

windows 10
version: 3.x

Hi Casimiro,

Thanks for your suggestion.
We’ll consider it if there are more requests from users.

Regarding the number input, you can use a mouse or touchpad to scroll to change the value when it’s focused.
Can you please check to see if it works when scrolling from your graphics tablet?



Did you try to share something?
Please give me access to your files.


Thank you for sharing the videos.
It seems that the scroll function of your tablet’s pen doesn’t work with Saola Animate input fields.
I guess that when moving the pen, the input field will loss focus so it doesn’t receive the scroll event.
If your pen or tablet has many buttons, you can assign one button for Scroll up function, one for Scroll down function, and use these buttons to increase/decrease the input value.


Voucher. my request is to change the input number to slider so it can work with graphics tablet. Affinity Designer and Adobe already exists. Tumult hype works great with slider. All the best.

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