Pause Presentation like Youtube an Netflix

Hi everyone,

I try to built a ‘new’ way to pause videos im my presentation. I orientated on the famous Socialmedia platforms like Netflixe and Youtube. In the theory it is easy. The user click on the window, a black transparent background appears with the control panel Pause/Play, foward and backward (I use Pause/play, go 10 seconds back and go back to previous slide). In Step two, after the symbols appeared you can click on the symbol you want, like pause to pause the video. The pause button switch to play button and stays like this. After pressing play again the video starts and the black background disappears.

Soo… in practise I know how to do the funktion of seperate objects and I took a transparent shape and said, by click the objects appear. So I have the black background with the control panel, wich appers when I want it and dissapears. My problem is now that the button doen’t react, so they have no funktion when I click on them.
Each button knows what they have to do, but through the information that it should appear they dosen’t work anymore.
Do you have an advise for me what I did wrong?
I am using AP 8

Thank you for your time and best wishes

Hi Selina,

I’m sorry but I couldn’t figure out the problem you got with buttons. Could you explain it in more details?

Besides, it’s better if you can share your project which has the issue and its external data folder named in the PROJECT_FILE_files if any to so we can check?

If these files are large, you can upload them to a cloud storage site like Google Drive then email to us.